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Irene McC

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The biscuit tin kitty, as seen at the market recently

Web 1500_ZFC_4518 Biscuit Tin cat rose orange.jpg
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North Carolina
We as a family are devastated because Ziggy suffered his second stroke yesterday afternoon and this morning we took him to the
vet for a final goodbye. He was over 15 years old and had come from a rescue shelter- we know he lived a good and happy life with us.

This image was taken in 2007 on the first day we brought him home. RiP sweet white boi

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So sweet. So sad.

The Electric Squirrel

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"You see, that is exactly why us cats decided to domesticate the hominid. We had developed an appetite for pork, but we're too small to hunt them ourselves. But the hoomans seemed very apt at farming them, so we decided winning their trust would be our best option. It took some time, but in the end our plan worked perfectly. If you have chosen your hooman wisely, you don't even have to press a button to receive your bacon! Just give them the right stare when they're at their food depository and they'll get the gist."
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