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Yes !!! We adopted a new family member - he's approximately 2 years old and came from the Animal Anti-Cruelty League.
Currently confined to our son Christy's room

Christy informs us that the cat has two modes : cuddly and purry, and SPORTS MODE. Apparently he's a night terror on steroids and Christy got very little rest.
Also when we asked at AACL "how does his voice sound?" they said "we've never actually heard his voice"
Christy lets it be known that the cat has a huge vocabulary and at least 50 ways of saying "I'm disappointed that my food bowl is empty"
(I laughed so much at that comment!)

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I'm very happy to hear you were able to adopt your very lovely boy kitty. It is possible you already intuitively named him in your prior post where you spoke of "holding thumbs". Here in the States, we "cross fingers" rather than holding thumbs for good luck. But your new friend probably meows in Africaans - why not call him "Duime" (thumbs)? After all, he is one gelukkige kat to have found you!
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"What's that?"

He's beautiful, Irene.

One of our problems with Rosa and Lizzie was that Lizzie was utterly traumatised by being put in a cat boarding place for a week, so we never went away together after that, for about 19-20 years. Rosa coped fine, and they were in the same very large cage together.

My plan is to get two middle aged cats who are friends with each other from a rescue place, who should be fine being put in a cattery from time to time, allowing us to do relatively short car trips together.

We also don't want them too young, as then there is the problem if they outlive us ...

Have you thought of a suitable name for him yet?
Those yellow eyes are amazing! Imagine yourself mouse-sized for a moment and experience real fear.
Imagine you're sound asleep in the dark and wake up with a 13 lb. cat staring at you with yellow eyes 6" from your face laying on your chest....:LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL: My wife is happy he bonded with me...all our other cats picked her. Of course I get the "stocky" cat! Oh yeah, he also snores and is a cover hog! Now I'm sleeping with two snoring cover hogs! One of them for the past 34 years!