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For those who saw my original post on getting my hand caught in an electric car window -- Why don't car windows have a safety feedback mechanism? (gross picture warning) -- I offer this update.

Just after I saw the hand specialist (orthopedics), he went on vacation. My next visit was to his physician's assistant, who basically said, "Stay the course and see me in a week."

At the next visit, my hand, basically unchanged, looked like this:

G12 pond hand 020 (2).JPG

He kept saying, "I really don't like the way that black spot looks." He said it several times. Then he poured some hydrogen peroxide on the black spot. It bubbled and fizzed. The he removed the black spot with tweezers, revealing a maroon-colored substance beneath. Then he squeezed, and lots, and lots, and LOTS of congealed blood came out. I watched; I told a friend, "It was weird, and gross, and fascinating." He laughed. (It's a guy thing.)

Then the PA flushed the hole repeatedly with sterile water, pack the wound with sterile tape, dressed it, and put me on a course of antibiotics. A week later, a revisit to remove the packing, repack the wound with less tape, dress the wound, and send me on my way.

There will be another follow-up tomorrow, and here's what the hand looks like now:

G12 my hand at 6 weeks 001.JPG

90-95 percent of the functionality has been restored; I can grip a pen, out-wrestle a pickle jar lid, and today I play my six-string and 12-string guitars at church.

Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers, and keep your hands out of the electric car windows!

Cheers, Jock

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