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Nov 12, 2010
the figure looks way too small Chris .. what's happening?
there's a beach beyond and below the boardwalk, but it's hardly visible due to the angle. The person's walking on the beach, not the boardwalk.

Some incredible images here! Does the GR inspire such creativity / a good eye in photographers, or does it just draw photographers who have a good eye already?
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May 31, 2013
Jackson, WY
Maybe because it is so very easy to just pull out and snap a few shots? Actually the shutter button confirmation, in the latest firmware update made it even easier


Jul 8, 2012
Auckland, New Zealand
Chris Leskovsek
I took a couple of friends for a photowalk they wanted to learn how to move on from the Auto-P mode on their cameras.

We decided to take at stroll at night, I only took the GR as i knew I was going to be helping them instead of making good photos myself.

I got this with the GR and I was totally blown away by the quality of this camera. A night postcard from Auckland


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