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Sep 20, 2013
Montpellier, France

140219_cafelat.women_0000723 by Morris Taub Design, on Flickr

Did some cross-process work in Lightroom for this one...

After using a nikon dslr for a few years almost exclusively, a d700, I'm slowly coming to grips with this new camera (for me), and its files...they are different to process, the color from camera is not as neutral 'for me' as the nikon raw files, but slowly, I'm getting used to them...anyway, the way I processed color here is really taking it far away from the raw import version...


Sep 20, 2013
Montpellier, France

140222_crutches3_0000957 by Morris Taub Design, on Flickr

I've only had this GR for two weeks. I feel I'm struggling a bit with color. I'm not used to the files. Even the b&w 'feel' is a bit foreign for me. It'll be a while before I get comfortable with this camera. Learn how to process these images. Same goes for the focal length. Something I'm gonna need to learn over the months to come.

Nothing I can say about this camera that hasn't been said. Ray nailed all of it in his posts comparing this camera to the Nikon A nearly a year ago. I did try a Nikon A for 5 days back in October. After hemming and hawing for a while I settled on this ricoh; mostly because the grip is so much more comfortable. The camera is a pleasure to hold and use. I also love the snap focus on this camera. Never been easier. I also like that it has no parts that shine. The gr is matte black and attracts little to no attention. I'm also finding the auto focus pretty good even in darker cafe lighting.

Only thing left to do is update the fw to 3 in the next week or so. But dang, don't know what else I'd need. The camera is all I wanted as is.


May 29, 2013
Click on the photos to view the original-sized images on flickr!

All-round details, sharpness and good DR despite the bright daylight.

HDR preset in DxO lifts shadows very nicely...

Very good details and colours in the tree bark!

There's actually some significant vertical movement in this partially-stabilized 6-second exposure, but I like the end result anyway!

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