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Jan 19, 2015
@MoonMind , @Casey

Many thanks, that was edited in camera, no external editing. Like you Casey, I converted the image to the GR's standard B&W setting then applied extra contrast. You can only get these tones with the GR and I really don't don't know what I'm going to do if, as I fear, this is the last of the GR's that Ricoh is going to make. There's hardly any preparation for that kind of shot, it's instant, taken without much thought. I just can't reach that level of image in so short a time with any other camera. I know what you mean about the High Contrast setting but even then there are times when you shake your head at what that preset can achieve.

by Otim, on Flickr

by Otim, on Flickr


Mar 31, 2013
Atlanta, GA
Love it!

Out of curiosity, was that in camera b&w settings used, or more on the post processing side?

The high contrast in camera sometimes stays a little too gritty for me even at base ISO. I tend to use the regular black and white in camera more often, with the contrast maxed out.

Agreed. The high contrast b&w definitely has its place. I feel like others often give shining examples of it, while I’m not quite hitting that same bar. I love the standard b&w with maxed out contrast and stick to that most often. One recent thing I’ve been doing is running the Clarity setting in b&w with the clarity hovering around 7-9, and exposure -.03. This has been fun for some gloomy urban architecture stuff.

Keep up the awesome GR snaps everyone! I feel like I’ll be one of those that buys a second GRII if I need to when this one dies on me.


Mar 23, 2015
Andrew Lossing
The above was ISO 3200 but underexposed and edited - with grain added - in VSCO. Meant to emulate underexposed film, so it's not any indication of the camera's real ISO capabilities.
Jan 31, 2011
Newcastle, Australia
Just fiddling at this stage, GR arrived at 9am and i had the battery depleted in very short order. Was playing with macro here (obviously). I'll go further than my front yard when I can drive it reasonably well, or even tomorrow.

ON this first, must have had f/2.8, but, its OK... OOF areas look decent.
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New shoot on the bougainvillea. I guess I need to wash down the posts.
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The last (what species) flower untouched by the nectar seekers. The others have all been destroyed.
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Of course these are *not* SOOC, I'm a compulsive fixer :) However, I have noticed that the colour accuracy is nearly spot-on!

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