Sony the Rx1, simply the best camera I have ever shot with...


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All this RX1 talk is annoyingly thought provoking. On the one hand, I got back from Hong Kong at the end of January with 10,000 photos, half taken with the M9 and half with the OM-D. I liked my OM-D photos but loved my M9 photos, due to the difference in full frame depth of field and image quality. The OM-D was a much faster and surprisingly, just as enjoyable, camera to shoot, though. The versatility and lightness of the OM-D is super.

So, as much as I love my M9, the RX1 beckons. It is smaller, has autofocus, can do much higher ISO than the M9, and has a virtually silent leaf shutter. On paper, the RX1 looks like a great alternative to the M9 with a 35mm lens, especially when I want something quiet and even more unobtrusive.

But then ... there's the new M 240. Can use all my Leica lenses on it, a shutter supposedly quieter than the M6, and video mode that promises to be as usable as a Canon 5D Mark II, which I use for work. The RX1 isn't up to those standards in the video department. Money for the RX1 would otherwise go to the M 240, neither of which is cheap! I wish someone could shoot a M9 vs RX1 series using a Zeiss Biogon 35/2 on the M9. That would be a really good comparison.

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PLEASE PEOPLE!!! Stop using that HTML from flickr!!! It completely destroys the experience for those of us who do not have HUGE screens and are using the "small screen" theme. I think I will copy/paste this into every thread where I see it still happening. Clearly, some people are not reading or paying attention to Paul's, Amin's or my pleas.

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