The shape of things to come...?


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Bill Palmer


Really interesting article - written intelligently, thanks for sharing.

What I really noted was the inextricable link between the photo and the method used to share it, almost as though the latter was now more important than the former. Of course in our post-postmodern age we take for granted the link between the artist and audience and how each informs each other.

I wonder if that will be the next big rebellion in the art form - producing work not tailored or commenting on a sharing platform or online life, but an image of simplicity that, even if oft repeated, can find a way into our souls as individuals. I think it is something to strive for.


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Excellent find, Bill, it went well with my morning coffee. I think we all need to consider why we take photographs. I quite like to get likes but that isn't why I do it, and depending on social media like instagram or facebook is just a waste of time. I don't post photographs to Insta anymore, and I forget to check others stuff, and on fb, I stick with a few photo groups. I dont bother much with my own timeline because although there are those who like my photos they often dont get to see them, because that "news" feed scrolls things so much you miss them. And everyone wants spoonfeeding so they don't actually check people's own pages. Its all about the newsfeed, which is unmitigated crap, most of the time.

Photo manipulation is another area which is certainly very prominent, its not for me, but I like some of the work out there. I do hope though that it doesnt ever replace traditional photography, either digital or analogue.

And, I hate selfies. And I am rambling. Need more coffee.

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