The Shipwreck Coast. Victoria. Australia.

Jun 3, 2012
Melbourne. Australia
Went for a drive to a portion of coastline 2 hrs out from Melbourne which most famously is home to the "12 Apostles" rock formations....gigantic, limstone stacks that were formed by millions of years of erosion, the harsh seas of Bass Strait and southerly winds never cease and so the erosion continues, today only 8 'Apostles' remain with the most recent collapse occurring on July 3 2005.

This stretch of coastline has long been a treacherous area for ships to navigate and earned the name "The Shipwreck Coast". These waters have become a graveyard for over 50 ships and their crews, the first being an unnamed whaling boat in 1836....the last being the MS Rayville on November 9 1940, a 5800 ton American vessel. Much to my disbelief, the MS Rayville was sunk after hitting a German mine and was the first US Navy vessel sunk in WWII, a full year before Pearl Harbour.

It was a fine day in Melbourne and I went hoping to catch some super fine weather, clear skies and a gorgeous setting sun over the Apostles, by the time I got there 2 hrs later, a storm had begun moving in from the sea so that kinda ruined my initial plan, but I managed to capture something a little more dramatic than I was expecting. I plan to go back at some point over the coming Spring/Summer and go for a walk down to the beaches below the Apostles...standing along the beaches and looking out and up at these impressive formations will be an epic photo walk for another day. Can't wait.

All images taken with the EM5 + Panasonic 7-14mm.

Shipwreck Coast 1 by Livnius, on Flickr

Shipwreck Coast 2 by Livnius, on Flickr

Shipwreck Coast 3 by Livnius, on Flickr

Shipwreck Coast 4 by Livnius, on Flickr


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Nov 12, 2010
great photos, I think the storm really adds to it, fits with the coast's name too! Great processing as well :)
Jun 3, 2012
Melbourne. Australia
Glad you guys liked this little set.
I would've loved a little more time to get some more shots in but that storm had other ideas. you hurry mate, they're collapsing at a rate of about 1 in every 10,000 years...4 down only 8 to go !!

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