The shot that nearly killed me: War photographers


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I think I have bookmark this link, and check it out just a few at a time. I am not queasy with blood and gore, but it's the stories that get me. I stopped after reading the one in Suweto, where a man swung a machete on another man's head (whose body is burning).


I actually read the original article that was published in The Guardian's weekend magazine section, and while the images are less clear on the printed page than on my screen, actually holding them in my hands is quite a different experience ... a sense of repugnance at the "burning man" shot for instance ...


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I am sure of it, Paul. There is a supreme example of how important holding a print in your hands is. Of course I felt that and more while looking at so many - repulsion, horror and despair. I have a feeling that if I'd seen them in the magazine that I would have been crying.
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