Sony the Sky City of Acoma New Mexico.

Ray Sachs

Sep 21, 2010
Not too far from Philly
you should be able to figure it out...
starting to look familiar now - wasn't there some writer or artist or photographer based there?
Georgia O'Keeffe ultimately setled in New Mexico and painted lots of desert landscapes. She did some buildings but more landforms, old cattle skulls, etc. But she really nailed the light of the place.

That MIGHT be who you're thinking of??? She was pretty incredible.



Jul 15, 2010
Acoma is one of those places where the light is so beautiful that it is very hard to miss no matter what format one shoots with


O.* Gonzo's & Bentley's Dad
Jun 5, 2012
Austin, TX
these shots are going to make me abandon my "i will only use the x100" project and go back to my rx1...GAH!

must... follow.... thro... OH LOOK! A BUTTERFLY!


O.* Gonzo's & Bentley's Dad
Jun 5, 2012
Austin, TX
the oranges n blues are all so nice :D
it feels odd to see modern windows on old looking structures

Lawrence A.

Hall of Famer
Nov 8, 2012
New Mexico
Nice work, Lucille. Acoma is just a very special place, and you've captured some of that really well. I haven't been for a couple of years, so it's probably time for another trip. I never tire of the place.

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