The spotter-in-chief strikes again

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The first thing you need to know is my better half, aka spotter-in-chief, is one-eighth Mohawk native American. She looks about as native as, say, an Irish step dancer, which is to say not at all. There are times, however, when she exhibits freakish distance vision and preternatural awareness of wildlife. Tuck that away in a corner of your mind for just a moment.

So around four this afternoon seemed a good time to visit Oakwood Cemetery, Troy, NY, for a stroll. Oakwood is gorgeous: 300 acres of rolling hills, ponds, a stream, lots of old trees, wildlife, and, of course, lots of memorial stones, some of them quite old.

We are descending a hill in the slanting light, chatting, when the spotter-in-chief shushes me, points, and says "there are three of them."

RX10 Oakwood turkeys and scenes 005-001.JPG

RX10 Oakwood turkeys and scenes 007-001.JPG

RX10 Oakwood turkeys and scenes 010.JPG

RX10 Oakwood turkeys and scenes 020-001.JPG

RX10 Oakwood turkeys and scenes 029.JPG

On the way home, we're taking a back road. We spot more turkeys. Spotter-in-chief is driving. I am eating an ice cream cone (Hey, I'm only willing to suffer so much for my art.)

She points: Look, a deer!

Then, pointing back over my shoulder (past the right rear corner of the Odyssey): there's another one!

I twist around, peer; there in the distance, completely not obvious, basically behind us, is another deer.

Me: How do you do that?!!

Spotter-in-chief: I don't know; I just knew it was there.

So now you know the real secret of my photography.

Cheers, Jock
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