Micro 4/3 The strangest thing happened today


Presumably you just happened to be in the city and just happened upon that store and then just happened to go in ... just asking, of course :)

Ray Sachs

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you should be able to figure it out...
Man, that charging takes time...

I hate how that happens. I've falled victim way too often, twice just this past month. Of course, being in New York didn't help, they have some AMAZING brick and mortar camera stores there - some with a fairly massive internet presence also...

The battery life on these is VERY good, particularly after its been used and charged a few times. I don't have a second battery yet and I never managed to kill the first one in a day of shooting in NYC - that's NEVER happened to me before...



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Kyle Krug
I walked into a small brick and mortar store in a small city nearby, which is the closest official Olympus dealer, and they had one black OM-D EM-5 with mZD 12-50 in stock. Mark the past tense. :biggrin:

:biggrin: Congratulations on tracking one down, marlof! Look forward to seeing your images.


Cotswolds, UK
Congrats Marlof and judging by some of the results so far, the wait for charging to finish will be well worth it - I look forwards to seeing your images start to appear very soon!

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