The Thatcher-Reagan Era of Photography


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LOL ... I still get a daily newspaper, when unfolded, much easier to hide from one's significant other. A newspaper creates a very nice comfort environment, when unfolded properly one is sheltered and insulated from the outside, but it is all there ... stories from around the world ... insulation and information-overload all in the same device.

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Yeah, Vegas is pretty gross. There are some tiny cool little pockets if you look for them, but they knock over cool stuff all the time and replace it with tacky. I would like the US to sell Vegas to Dubai and then turn off the water.


Cotswolds, UK
Yep I remember buying and reading some of those copies you have there.

Magazines have certainly changed quite a lot and that is apart from the fewer pages & increased cost!


oh man....I'm sure the photography isn't bad, .

Hmm well don't count on it, there's quite a lot of Bob Carlos Clarke and John Swannell and similar stuff, which even in those days I thought a bit creepy but now just looks (to me) really quite misogynistic and distasteful.

The equipment reviews can make interesting reading though ... Is the Nimslo 3D really the future of photography? Shall I buy a 110 miniature camera rather than an old-fashioned 35mm? What about the fantastic new Olympus XA ? (oh hang on, I've just bought one of those and it's 2012 :rolleyes:)


I wonder how horribly dated our current photo mags will look in 30 years (I know some of you are snickering behind your electronic devices, but you can't beat a real magazine....try swatting a fly with your iPad!)

True but they knocking out a mugger with a beat up old copy of Outdoor Photography.

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