Samsung The Tl500 goes to church (more than I do)


I've recently purchased a Sigma DP1, which kind of blinded me to the TL500 for the last week or so. I'd import eighty or so pictures from each camera and then completely ignore the TL500 in favor of the time consuming processing of the DP1.

Tonight, I realized I had quite a few nice shots from the ol' TL500 just hanging out on the hard drive, waiting to be freed! Again, the incredible speed of the lens made most all of these shots possible handheld, which is amazing when you consider the lighting conditions. The first picture was taken at 72mm handheld in near darkness.

(also, let me know if these little "photo shows" are okay around here. I don't want to be whoring out my stuff, but a lot of time goes by in some forums without any kind of activity!)



SAM_0565-Edit-2 by lattiboy, on Flickr



SAM_0532 by lattiboy, on Flickr



SAM_0576-Edit by lattiboy, on Flickr



SAM_0535 by lattiboy, on Flickr



SAM_0527 by lattiboy, on Flickr
This is a really nice set, and the fact that the camera allows you to take these hand held is a tribute to the lens and your ability to hold it steady.
Since you also posted the your DP1 pictures, I'll mention that as much as I like these, the DP1 are even better. fantastic even.
Of course, if it becomes too painful to use and process the DP1, then it's not good if it isn't used. But your DP1 pictures were really stunning.
You do have a nice "eye" for composing your pictures. Good work.


betwixt and between
Latti, not a problem at all re posting "these little photo shows" - more members should follow suit!

For me, the first two are the ones that touch me down deep inside. I have a thing for churches...probably from all my art history classes and traipsing around the cathedrals in England with my parents as a youngster, as well as my walks around NYC.

In your first, the angle of the cross on the left, the woman seated, the blast of light "from on high"...lead my eye up to the statue above the doorway...but then I am pulled down to the man who is standing there, gazing up..and who appears to be lost in thought and awe...and my eye is drawn back across via those rounded steps to the kneeling woman, whose pensive and prayerful face is bathed in light. It might be interesting to see how it would be in black and white, although I think it works beautifully in color.

The intensity in your second mixed with the delicate nature of the light from the sconces...the folds of cloth and the style of the Virgin Mary and her baby Jesus, are something special to behold - that bouquet of flowers...all the colors here are in such harmony. Whoever designed this apse or chapel, certainly knew what they were doing - the impact must have been spectacular because the image you've made certainly is.

Looks to me as though you've got yourself two cameras that are giving your vision a lot of leeway and options in your photographic journey.


betwixt and between
Wonderful close up of that detail, but as beautiful as the artisanship is, that pigeon (we could call it a dove - for iconography purposes) makes this just right. Great timing, Latti!