The TrekPod has arrived!


Aug 24, 2015
Was looking for a way to utilize a pair of trek poles for use as a tripod while out in the boonies. Came up with this contraption for about half an hours' work. I call it the TrekPod.

Parts needed: A small piece of 1/2-thick wood, a 1/4x20 machine bolt and nut, a short piece of paracord, a 1/2" unibit and a small ballhead.

I drilled two holes into the wood with the unibit at an angle in two directions. This will allow the trek poles to spread out just like tripod legs.

I then drilled a 1/4" though the board for the machine bolt, taking a 1/2" bit to back-drill the 'top' of the TrekPod so the nut will recess flush with the board.

Then a little sanding, and install the ballhead.

The principle of this design is to use the two adjustable trek poles I have as two legs of a tripod. The third 'leg' is a piece of scrap paracord, securely anchored to something.

With this method, I can use the paracord,

View attachment 118306

and tie off to anything solid or steady.

View attachment 118307

Makes for a very stable platform for my P7100, which is my camera of choice when weight is an issue.

View attachment 118308

If there's something solid enough handy, and the camera can lean against it instead, there's no need for the paracord.

View attachment 118309

If need be, the entire setup can be 'freestanding', using a log, rock or similar weight.

View attachment 118310

And as a bonus, the TrekPod alone can be useful even without the trek poles and paracord!

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Feb 1, 2013
Marlow, UK
Very ingenious, but I feel an expensive accident coming on when I look at the arrangement with the cord trapped under the rock on the ground. You don't want that cord slipping free at the wrong moment ...


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