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Aug 1, 2016
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Susan Sontag in ON PHOTOGRAPHY remarks:
"The large influence that photography exercised upon the Impressionists is a commonplace of art history. Indeed, it is not much of an exaggeration to say, as Stieglitz does, "the impressionist painters adhere to a style of composition that is strictly photographic".
I thought we recreated their style in our pics.......?


Jun 11, 2020
Reverence v.02


This picture was shot with half a $20 Fujian f:1.4/25 mm C-mount lens that I tried to repair after the focusing broke, by no fault of mine 😁.

The resulting lenses (yes, two) came into being because the focusing helicoid of the, once-upon-a-time one-piece lens absolutely would not cooperate with me.

This picture is taken with the rear half of the lens, the butt end, with the C-mount thread part. It's now a not very nice "macro" lens with fixed focus of about something something centimeter distance. Focus by leaning in and out.

The other, better, front, part of the lens, is now a "Tilt-Shift" type lens, by way of connecting it to a Q locking body cap with a piece of bicycle inner tubing. I'll show it to you when I find it in my mess. I think the cats have hidden it. It could happen. It could.

That part can be focused by push-pull movement of the bike tubing. All the way to infinity, and with a close focus distance about the same as when it still was attached to its other half.

Same principle as the Lensbaby Muse, but much cheaper, at an estimated $12 (half a Fujian; $10, and a piece of (punctured, before cutting up...) free inner tubing, plus one body cap).

A practical example of involuntary "two-for-one" pricing! Also a reminder that I shouldn't be doing stuff when I have absolutely no idea about what I'm doing. Great fun, though.

In my defense, I might say that the focusing helicoid was about 80% pure Chinese grease.

A bit of a longish explanation for a not very holy picture. Recycling is my business 🥴!

Post processing with help of the artistic talent of my Q. The frame, though, is courtesy of Snapseed.
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