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mashup: street impressionist?

EM5 2 grainy film 005 C.JPG

Cheers, Jock


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cool image Michael. If you prefer to let your image stand on its' own merits, I understand and that's fine. But I'd love to hear a little more about it's creation.

Thank you Luke. Thinking I would answer your question, the realization came that there many things involved. All of it learning to do something new.

I started using ON1 2018 last year and was starting to enjoy it. Upgraded to 2019 and after watching a tutorial, decided to give it a try. So this is what I did using ON1 2019.
1. Copied Layer and separated Sunflower from Background
2. Created a Black Layer, used a copy of the mask from step above, leaving a black copy of the sunflower to use for the shadow. Feathered to taste.
3. Inserted the background layer cropped and position sunflower and shadow. I tried several backgrounds and settled on 2 similar.
4. Once background was selected I did some additional processing to layer one, the sunflower.
5. Used the Bleach Bypass effect on the sunflower only.
6. Used Dynamic Contrast effect on the center of the sunflower only
7. Applied soft vignette to entire image.

I used ON1 but this could be accomplished by most of the software out there which allow for the use of Layers.
I hope this isn't too much information, but thanks for your interest.

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