The Urban Image Thread

Irene McC

We found Copenhagen to be not particularly clean. We felt at home.

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Somerset, UK
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For the last 2 months, I've been struggling with very bad depression and a lack of motivation, on some weeks I don't even take the camera out of my backpack even though I see opportunities that I would have usually taken. These pictures were made this evening while going back home from work. This one interested me because of the shadows cast from the leaves on the tree where the street lamp was quite literally hiding.

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The nights are already starting to feel like creeping up as it's very dark when I get out of work. The church is glowing in artificial light and the moon was giving some lovely illumination on the clouds behind the church.

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Shadows stretching on the fence from the street lamp above. (It reminds me of the mission in Gears of War where if you are caught in the dark you will get instantly killed by carnivores bats so you jump and run from light spot to light spot, maniacally timing your every move)

John King

Member of SOFA
Beaumaris, Melbourne, Australia
John ...
@L0n3Gr3yW0lf Ovi, you have every reason to feel depressed after what you have been through. Be gentle with yourself.

Forty plus years after my first marriage broke down, it still has the capacity to make me miserable occasionally.

You have been through hell, and while that pain will ameliorate over time, it will always be part of your life. Hopefully, our experiences, both good and bad, lead to us becoming decent, better and more compassionate human beings.

Take good care of yourself, my friend.