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Dec 29, 2013
Matt, is this a large city or smaller town? Those peaks seem to be awfully close.
Small town; though still the second largest commune in the canton of Lucerne. You're looking at mount Pilatus, our local mountain, from a distance of about 15 kilometers; in fact, the city of Lucerne is about half that distance away itself (not quite in a straight line - but close), so it looks a lot more imposing from there; this is a wide-angle shot (35mm-e), but maybe you get an impression:

Single in January Day 31
on Flickr (from 2015)

You get pretty used to having these peaks close by, really; I see it every day on my way home, dominating the scenery. I've actually never shot that particular view (it's not really suited to stop and shoot). This might give you an idea, though:

traditionally majestic
on Flickr

Whenever I visit my parents who live near Munich in Germany, I find the scenery awfully flat and featureless (even though they do see the Alps on the horizon as well on clear days).


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