The Weekly Challenge 11 - 16 May.

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BBW has set an interesting and accesible theme for the next WC.

For this next challenge's theme, I choose "friendship". I've no doubt that our members will come up with some great photos that will span a wide range visually of what friendship means to them, individually.​

I've noticed how creative some of the interpretations are in the May Prompts so let the creative juices flow on this one.


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OK, OK...and here I thought "friendship" would open things up for all sorts of possibilities...whether animal, human or even vegetable... I hope you all can dig deep and find a photograph to add in here. I could easily have used one of my dog because he is one of my best friends, hands down...paws down....

Since I haven't been photographing too much of late, I've gone back in time, it will be a year ago tomorrow that our daughter graduated from college and this is a picture of her with her godmother, and our very closest friend. Friendship since birth is a pretty good one.


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