The Weekly Challenge 16 - 21 March.

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Luke has chosen the next theme and it is a pretty accessible one so let's see how many images we can post (one per member of course).

Spring is arriving to my part of the world and I'm starting to see some new buds. I select "new growth" as the theme. It needn't be plant growth...interpret the theme however you like.​

This theme closes on Wed 21 March at 8PM New York time.
Same here in Belgium, spring is everywhere !
So I used my GH2 with a Micro-Nikkor 105/2.5 to shoot this starting bud of a Hortensia


C u,

Jock Elliott

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Spring is popping out here in upstate NY as well.


This was part of my "Walter Mitty Leica Experiment" -- my corn ball attempt to make the G12 behave like a Leica: turn off the display, use only the viewfinder, set the aspect ratio to 3:2, use only a fixed focal length (28mm equivalent), and shoot B&W (in honor of Cartier-Bresson).

- Cheers, Jock
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