The Weekly Challenge 18 - 23 May.

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Jul 17, 2010
Perth, Western Australia
Bill Shinnick
Milan (aka pictogramax) has set a pertinant theme for us to ponder this week.

As for the next theme, here we have a cold wave with rain that just won't stop, preventing me to continue with our "May Prompts Challenge".

So to chase it away, I propose this week's theme to be "SUN"!​

If that sun still refuses to shine you are free to enter an older image.


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Nov 12, 2010
I'm not a morning person and the sun rises pretty darn early this time of year, so I don't get to see the sunrise very often... but just for once I was awake to see it, and I loved the silvery-golden reflection off the dewy grass :) we live in a beautiful world...

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