The Weekly Challenge 25 - 30 May.

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Jul 17, 2010
Perth, Western Australia
Bill Shinnick
Luke has set this week's challenge encouraging new material if possible.

I'd like to encourage everyone to get out and shoot for this challenge. And I know I can't change the rules so stuff from the archives is acceptable, but I'm gonna call an "anything goes" category.......EXIF should specify it was captured after this time and date. If someone really can't get and shoot for the period of time of the challenge, dig in the archives and submit something truly extraordinary.​

OK let's see what we can produce.


Aug 13, 2011
Sunny Frimley
Bill Palmer
Shot just now, in my conservatory...

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I found a little beetle; so that Beetle was his name,
And I called him Alexander and he answered just the same.
I put him in a match-box, and I kept him all the day ...
And Nanny let my beetle out -
Yes, Nanny let my beetle out -
She went and let my beetle out -
And Beetle ran away.

...with apologies to AA Milne... :wink:


Jul 8, 2010
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A few of my son's Fuji Instax photos from this past weekend. He keeps forgetting to adjust the exposure setting (sun, shade, cloudy...) and thus most were under or over-exposed. Nonetheless, he gets a kick and few of them were very good. He has no sense for the cost of film and he'll blow through a box of 20 pictures in minutes. And he did something that caused the camera to bust and each picture is now completely missing some part of the image, and each one is randomly different in what part is missing. The kind of thing only a kid can accomplish. But in a few years he'll probably be able to fix it himself.
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