The Weekly Challenge 28 October - 2 November.


Hall of Famer
Perth, Western Australia
Bill Shinnick
From Streetshooter:-

I think that a good theme, open for interpretation would be.... "The Moment". A small statement follows....
We can borrow from the Decisive Moment but apply it to every genre', not just street. There is a fraction of a second that every photographer seeks. That fraction, captured where all in the frame is at one is.. "The Moment".


Sunny Frimley
EP3 17mm 2.8 - Malaga, Spain

I'm going to post this one again with a Topaz slant this time. I don't think that this man was an official tour guide but he was full of enthusiasm and intent on telling us where to go to see everything. When he walked in front of this door my finger was on that shutter button and the EP3 did the rest :)

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Well... this is the best I can do. This moment lasted for just a second. She walked up over the crest of the hill, saw me, alerted and bolted. I caught her just starting to alert. I actually had the wrong lens on the body... that's why she looks so small. I knew I would not get a chance to change lenses, so I took what I could. I know this is not a perfect fit, but I wanted to participate.