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From my weekend trip to Glasgow, the Armadillo (the SECC) and squinty bridge (the arc shape) on the Clyde, captured with x100 and pp'd with snapseed.


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Waters - she's seen them all...

This is ss "Rotterdam", the last flagship of the Holland America Line. She was completed in 1958 and was seen as a symbol of the resurgence of the HAL's hometown, Rotterdam, which had been completely destroyed by Nazi bombings in 1940. My father still remembers the day she was launched and the excitement it caused with the tens of thousands of Rotterdammers watching it.
She spent the first few years of her life as a transatlantic ocean liner, transporting passengers from Rotterdam to New York and back. After air travel made ocean liners obsolete, she was used as a cruise ship until 2000. For the time being, she lies near the former headquarters of the Holland America Line, and is open to the public.

heavy crop of a pic with my samsung ex1
[edit] ah snap, just noticed I posted on the 4th of august!

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