The Weekly Challenge 30 Dec - 4 Jan.


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BBW has chosen a very appropriate theme to lead into the new year.

Onwards and upwards to 2012 with the theme of "Hope". Certainly this will be interpreted individually and should offer some wonderful variety.​

Get your thinking caps on and start posting.


This is an ancient apple tree along a road I often walk with my kids. The colors were nice tonight. I often think of this tree as showing hope... despite its trunk being gnarled and having lost almost all of its limbs, it still continues to send up shoots.



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Well, there's still plenty of time and I know many of us are very busy in the Single in July, but I hope we'll get a many more entries before this challenge closes!:drinks:

P.S. I do now see that I made a typo*...perhaps it was wishful thinking to make it be July?:wink:

* Courtesy of Paul and Barrie's ribbing!
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