The Weekly Challenge 4 - 9 November.


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Bill Shinnick
Lightmancer (aka Bill) has set an interesting topic for us.

I've given it some thought and would like the next topic to be "Juxtaposition"

Juxtaposition is "the act of positioning close together or side by side". I look for humour in juxtaposition - two unusual things (or people) that come together by accident or design to form a pleasing whole. Contrast is often important, as is "visual dissonance" - the sort of thing that makes you laugh, or say "I'd never have expected that!"​

You might remember that Don (aka Streetshooter) set an Image Quest back in May-June along similar lines - you can find it HERE and also check the Gallery. It may help to check it out for ideas.

PS: The WC and IQ are quite separate and different so Juxtaposition is a perfectly fine theme and not a repeat.


sorry for the questions. does it mean when you say side by side using two photos together to make one?
im such a noob.


well after taking a look at Don's photos in the first post it looks like a no. dont worry all, ill get this eventually.


Sunny Frimley
Bill Palmer
Sorry, yes, Bill's exactly right. One image only please, with two contrasting/conflicting elements that, brought together by accident or design - by chance or by the photographer, entertain or amuse.


I take a lot of architecture, and have been seeing how well the LX-5 will do with my usual workflow. I am increasingly attached to this little camera. Look at the dynamic range and especially how it has held detail in the highlights. I won't fib... this is a three shot bracket (hand held) at two stops apart... -2, 0, +2 with -1/3 exposure compensation. I was not looking for HDR "effect" just a wide range...

The following is intended to be a bit of an abstract, but it was also expressly intended as a juxtaposition between modern architecture and more traditional architecture. Among other things, it has a reflection of the traditional architecture in the window of the modern architecture... which was intentional. I tried both a polarized and non-polarized version and in the end felt that there is meaning in the reflection that informs or enhances an understanding of the juxtaposition. Anyway... it falls short of having a lot of humor as discussed by Bill, but I hope it remains a viable entry nonetheless ... kind regards,