The Weekly Challenge 6 - 11 Jan.


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Photorx12 has set a thought-provoking topic for our next weekly challenge.

My choice for topic is "Life un-noticed". We are surrounded by life 24 hours a day but are often too busy to notice it; what would life look like to you if you stopped and took a quick snapshot of that moment.

Let's see your take on this one over the next 5 days (Closing Wed 8PM NYC time).


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I hope this qualifies. This fellow was completely absorbed in his phone. He wasn't watching where he was going, or what was happening around him (ie, me with a camera). I had not intended to capture him, this was just serendipity. Used that red filter in SEP

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I guess this one is more about what the guy didnt notice. I can't get a hold of the theme in my head... may replace this with something else before weeks end :(
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