The Weekly Challenge 7-12 October.


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Beautiful Blur

Let's see photos that exhibit a "Beautiful Blur." I am often in awe of what people can do with various kinds of blur, and am not myself very good at it. It is probably easier to do well with an SLR, and being new to serious compacts I am interested to see what can be done with compacts... It could be a motion blur, a particularly beautiful bokeh, a long exposure, a zoom blur (are there any compacts that will do this?). My LX-5 just received a new "Miniature" mode which is akin to using a Lensbaby or tilt-shift. That could qualify... Use your tools and be creative!

I'd really like it if the contestants would perhaps say a little about the tools and techniques used. I think that we can all learn something (especially me) from this, so please do share. I am looking forward to everyone's entries. Thanks very much!

Night Train: Canon G11
I went for shutter priority and set it for the lowest speed I could reasonably hand hold (1/10) and let the rest take care of itself: I wanted the train in motion. Sorry, its an older shot, its been raining nonstop lately. If I can get out again before the comp closes I may be able to switch for something else.


Nice entries all... Glad to see everyone jump in. The idea of blur was on my mind this past week while I was in San Francisco. This is a bus coming through the Stockton Street Tunnel near Chinatown.

Edit: Swapped in color version which works a little better. The lights really were very yellowish like this...


LX-5 @24mm, 1/4 second, f/3.5 at ISO 100. I placed the camera on the hand rail to steady it and waited ... took several. As a larger target, this was the best of the bunch. I kind of like the gritty feel. This is a bit of a departure from the usual for me.


Selective focus

Here's mine. This pic has become a favorite of mine, the guitar player trained in Spain in classical guitar but turned metal... Go figure. I decided to use snapseed which has a selective focus control, so I zeroed in on his gifted hands.... And btw he's a great kid.