The Weekly Challenge 8 - 13 April.

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Yes we now have our own forum since the inaugural challenge was so successful. Briar has, as winner from last week, selected the topic of "Out of Time".

Now I feel challenged and I've known the theme for a week. :confused: Great choice Karen.

So post your image here and remember although we are all encouraged to post a new image, shots from the back catalogue are also accepted.

This challenge will close at 8pm Wednesday (NY time) so we now have the weekend for posting.

Get clicking. :clapping:


I'm traveling out of town, so here's mine.... have a great weekend all



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I'm with Pete, have a big week coming up. So an early entry from me.

I was struck by the 'pose' - hands on her hips looking over her slender shoulder. Still quite beautiful though she's had her time in the sun and is now beginning to fade. I only hope the seeds she is about to shed will see many more like her born of the soil about her come Spring. It would surely be a fitting testimony!


Sunflower: A portrait by stillshunter, on Flickr
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