The Weekly Challenge 8 - 13 June.

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Paul (aka pdh) has selected our next theme.

How about a theme of "the unexpected" for the coming week? -- it might be that you were surprised by something and took a photograph of it ... or by the image that emerged from your camera ... or, of course, however you choose to interpret the theme ... so good luck to the entrants and of course thanks to my voters!​

What can we expect? Get snapping and posting!
I'll start it off with my unexpected alien encounter

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I have a million shots in my head that occured at that unexpected moment when I didn't have a camera with me! We all have had those moments, I'm sure. Anyhow sometimes when the sun moves and brings light through the window at a certain angle things happen! This was shot with my Pentax Q:



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Torbay lifeboat puts to sea

I was in Brixham a couple of weekends ago to photograph the Brixham sailing trawler race. I was well placed when the Torbay lifeboat unexpectedly put to sea in answer to a distress call from a vessel some 8 miles out to sea. I was able to take a series of shots, all manually focused with an Olympus 50-200mm, f/2.8-3.5 zoom on a Panasonic GH2. Here the lifeboat meets the choppy sea head on as it punched into the strong ESE wind.

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