The Weekly Challenge for September 30th - October 5th


Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Nic, as this past week's winner, has chosen this week's theme. In his own words this challenge is
"Beautiful Ugly: images of unattractive and inanimate objects or things shown in a different light through a photograph".
So load up your SD cards and your imaginations and begin the beguine - or better yet get up and get moving for this week's challenge is a thought provoking one!:2thumbs:

If you're new to the challenge, welcome! And if anyone needs any reminders of how The Weekly Challenge works, please check out the guidelines in the sticky above:


Jan 2, 2011
olli, I know this is very literal-minded of me, but any idea what the graffiti says?


Super Moderator Emeritus
Sep 28, 2010
Sofia, Bulgaria
The first two and last two are names. I'm not sure about the middle word but I can check with our housekeeper next time she's here.

What is interesting is that this and much of the graffiti around Tbilisi uses the English alphabet and, often, English words rather than the Georgian alphabet and words. I've noticed this before in other countries. English seems to be the international language of graffiti.

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