The Weekly Challenge (previously 5DC).


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Jul 17, 2010
Perth, Western Australia
Bill Shinnick
The committee (Streetshooter, stillshunter and bilzmale) has continued to work with Admin on the idea of organising a photo challenge for members and to incorporate some of your feedback from the first challenge. In these early stages we will continue to use the "Other Genres" sub-forum of "Image Threads" to post each challenge.

The time frame has been adjusted to encourage even more member involvement by allowing posting over the weekend. Our purpose is to inspire each other to take and make pictures! If you are unable to photograph during these 5 days, images from your back catalogue are also welcome. Images should be shot using a "serious compact".

The next Theme will be announced on Friday so stay tuned.

Happy shooting!

The Weekly Challenge

Each Challenge will open on Friday at 8am New York time (1pm London, 10pm Sydney).
Each member may submit only one photograph per Challenge.
Entries must be your own work, taken on a serious compact and fit the Theme selected.
Entries do not have to be taken during the Challenge although that is encouraged.
The thread will close on Wednesday at 8pm New York time (1am Thursday London, 10am Sydney).
Voting via a Poll will be possible from Wednesday 9pm New York time and close on Thursday at 8pm.
Voting is only open to members who have entered the Challenge.
The winner of the Challenge will select the Theme for the next week and start the new thread ready for Friday.

Possible Themes (or feel free to select your own).

Abstract; After; Ancient; Anger; Autumn/Spring; Beyond Reach; Bird's Eye View; Body Parts; Bokeh; Breakfast; Circle; Cold; Colours; Defeat; Energy; Excitement; Expressions; Family; Father; Fools; Gathering; Geek; Growth; Home and Away; Hope; Indigo; Joy; Kindred Spirits; Lighting Experimentation; Looking in; Macro; Memories; Mono; Mother; Music; My Neighbors; Newness; Oldness; On The Shelf; Party; Passion; Peace; Planning; Pollution; Quadrant; Quantum; Red, White & Blue; Romance; Shadows; Silhouette; Sleep; Smiles; Spice; Spirit; Street Life; Summer/Winter; Sunset; Swing; Temptation; Texture; The Kitchen; Three; Thriving; Time; Tired; Tools; Trees; Underneath; Union; Up; Urban; Vegetables; Vintage; Vital; Water; Wide; Wind; Work; X-Factor; Yellow; Youth; Zero.
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Jul 12, 2010
Philly, Pa
I'm excited.... I'm excited.....
I can't snoop around here, yet, to find the next challenge title....
Hmmmmm, BB, Mark, Bill...I don't suppose bribery would work.....


Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Thanks for setting this up and posting, Bill! And no way, Don, the theme envelope will remain sealed until its opening on Friday. Money and/or other forms of bribery will get you nowhere. Though, maybe if you could deliver my Fuji X100 this week, I'd find a way.:rofl:

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