The Weekly Challenge16 - 21 December.


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Stillshunter (also known as Mark) has set the new challenge.

Noting that the colder weather in the Northern Hemisphere is keeping folks indoors and some us down South are experiencing a climate best suited for the indoors . I think a fitting challenge for this week would be "Still Life".

Take time out from the preparations for festivities and find something to shoot.


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I thought I might qualify my choice for this week's challenge - to keep intact what little remains of my reputation :blush:

I'm the first to concede that the chosen theme sounds a little boring. I've never shot - nor did I think I'd be likely to ever shoot - Still Life. Truth be told it's the genre furthest away from my comfort zone, and it seems the case for most the folks I know on here. But that's sort of why I chose it. I certainly don't appreciate the craft behind it, so thought it certainly is worthy of the title of 'challenge'. As Bill said, the weather's hindering many of us from getting out there and as "Still Life" seems more geared towards an indoor pursuit it gives us the opportunity to shoot from home. Also I doubt many of us can lift something from our libraries, so this will force us to shoot afresh. Get your eye trained on gathering worthy objects, work out how best to group them together, compose and light them, etc.

So I hope others might join me in stepping a little outside their comfort zone this week. For those still not convinced then here's a little inspiration...


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One you may have seen before...


Taken with a Canon 50D and therefore ineligible for voting, as it was not taken with a compact camera. If I shoot something this week I will replace it.



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