Fuji the white orbs on the X100 !!

Ray Sachs

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you should be able to figure it out...
That's pretty wild - they almost look like Christmas tree ornaments. A couple of them could pass for orbs in a different context, but the variation in shade and transparency of some is a dead giveaway that something entirely different is going on here.

It looks like a basically no-snow winter for us this year - raindrops don't photograph as well... But the next time its snowing around here in the evening, I'm going to try to remember to try that.



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:026: Darn you, Luke!:rofl:

What a great idea - love the way the dog and his walker are set off from the background, almost a decoupage kind of look. Very cool looking, indeed!

Yup, only one real snow for us this year here in the NY metro area...very, very unusual. It's drizzling now, alas.

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