The wife (accidentally) found a way of getting revenge for the stupid stuff I do...


Code Monkey 🐒
Mrs. Kevin is actually pretty patient with me and puts up with a lot of my shenanigans. She accidentally found a way of getting revenge. :D

Our house is a basic 2-story colonial with the 2nd floor laid out to have the master bedroom on side of the upstairs hallway and then the other rooms at the far other end. I purposely try to keep our bedroom free of distractions & noises. At least a few times a year I get these killer headaches and use the bedroom as a spot that I can make free of sounds & lights. At night time the room can be perfectly black and you can hear the slightest sound. I'm a light sleeper and it's not unusual for me to wake up and go back to sleep during the night.

So I'm in bed, half-awake, the room is totally dark, could hear a proverbial pin drop. Then I hear somebody whistling. And it's getting louder. 😲

Well, that's one way getting me wide awake at whatever hour of the day it was.

Start the mental check list, start with where it's coming from. It's in the room. Grab my phone, not it. It's definitely whistling so it's not a smoke or C02 detector. Sound's like it's really close. What the heck?!

Wait, is that a guitar strumming? And a voice. Hey, I recognize that..... OH, DANGIT!

It's my wife's phone, her alarm clock is going off. We both have our alarms set to play a personal playlist mix from YouTube Music in shuffle mode. When it starts the alarm fades in slowly before reaching full volume. The first song in rotation today for her was Guns N' Roses Patience. AAAGGGHHH!! 🤦‍♂️

So, if you ever want to have some fun with somebody, and you have access to their phone, set an alarm for some weird time and specify either a specific song or MP3 for the alarm sound. :D Later on, as I was explaining to Mrs. Kevin why I came close to throwing her phone across the room, she suggested using the Vincent Price laugh from the end of Michael Jackson's Thriller. I think I'll be saving that idea for around Halloween time, by then she'll likely have forgotten about it. 🤣