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Thank You all youse good peeps.
I talked this over with my other selves and We/I came up with what might be an interesting theme.

The next theme is...Drum Roll......
"It's in the shadows".

Have fun and thank ya's much again.

Don, congrats!!!!
shadows it is then


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Youse all....
It's was a difficult moment I tell ya.
I've been searching for an image under the pressure of knowing that it would be up against the best shooters in the world. I was nervous. I travelled all thru Philly, yet nothing could be found. I went to Washington DC and yet it was a fruitless effort. I was getting panicked. I kept looking at the thread and seeing these wonderful images.

My heart was pacing, blood pressure rising...nothing I tell ya nothing.
John took me to more places in DC than anyone could imagine. Wonderful sights and yet, the illusive image was just that, illusive.

The X100 was starting to sweat. It was wondering when I would commission it to make The Image. And then... I saw the retired Airman in his wheel chair. In a nervous fashion, I walked over to him and thanked him for his service.
He smiled and said that no one has ever said that to him before.

Meanwhile, X100 was waking up but not to my knowledge. The camera sent a shocking 6 volts to my hand and then... As I walked away from the retired hero....
The camera jumped up and made the image...
I never knew what happened.
I thought to myself a few seconds later, Self I thought, I hope they don't change the firmware in this thing.

So, to make a long story short, it wasn't a lucky moment. It was a moment shared by the camera, the Hero, John and myself.

Youse are all starting to outdo yourselves. The selection of images is just great and I hope youse are as proud of what you'ins are doing as I am of you'alls...

By the way, the retired Airmen was looking at his brothers name on the wall.
I hope that feeling comes across in the image and I think it does.
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