The Yeah, I name my cameras and know what sex it is too thread.


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So, are you in touch with your cameras? Do you know what gender it is? This is of prime importance to the healthy feelings a camera has about itself. Do you name your cameras or are they just tools like a fork or spoon......

My X100 is a male. His name is Walker after Walker Evans. He's a happy loved camera.
My Nex 5 is a male named Andre' after Andre' Kertesz. He's bi-polar because he wants to change lenses all the time.
My Canon G9 is a female, sexi at that and named Lee after Lee Miller.

So, what say the rest of youse? I'm surely not the only crazy on the forum....or am I?


I don't name my cameras, but I do have an artist's mannequin named Kevin. Kevin helps me out when I testing lighting setups or running workshops.



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Sex? Yes, please...oops, I mean yes I think cameras can have genders. From my own list of some past and present cameras;

E-P1, E-520: Female
E-410, E-510: Male

Ixus 960 IS, Powershot G10/G11, EOS 350D/500D, EOS 30D/40D/50D: Male
EOS 450D, EOS 20D: Female

R10, CX1: Male

I've used a few Nikons and Pansonics and I'm pretty sure they were all girls.

Don't ask me how I know, I just know.

Names? No, that's just weird! References are formal and always prefixed with "The" e.g. The 50D, the E-P1, the CX1.

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you should be able to figure it out...
My camera's don't have names. Well, they do - I call the Nex "Nex" and the X100 "Fuji" and, you get the idea. My 3 Panasonics have to go by their given names because the surname gets too confusing given their numbers in my bag. I think the Nex and the Fuji are probably female because I feel very intimate with them in a way I don't get wid guys. I'm still trying to figure out whether its a polygamous kind of thing or if I'm in the process of throwing one over for the other - emotions are so complicated... The GH2 is a guy - and not a nice guy either, but a REALLY effective and competent hit-man sort - he does some tough work for me and I trust him but I don't particularly like him and I don't want my kids to hang out with him. The LX5 and the GF1 are guys - they're like my old high school buddies who I got to know before I had defenses and strong opinions and I still like to get together with but its more about what we USED to do together than anything else these days. But like old friends, you never know when they'll pop back into your life and do you a solid. And you know you can count on 'em if you need 'em. Even though your lives have taken you in different directions, you know they're there if you need 'em.

But I don't generally confuse them with people. Generally. Usually...



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D700 is Big Bertha or The Beast or The Anvil, and EPL-1 and NEX are the beloved "baby cameras" but with no specific name. I should add that while I do respect the D700, I have more affection for the smaller cameras and they're much more fun to use, and consequently get used a lot more, esp. the NEX.


I don't name my cameras, but I do have an artist's mannequin named Kevin. Kevin helps me out when I testing lighting setups or running workshops.


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I Know someone called Kevin who has an artists mannequin called Gordon - it's a small world!


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Didn't you know that there's a third gender especially for cameras. They're definitely sexual, and some are butch and some aren't, but it's not boys and girls (Oh No - I know how to tell a boy from a girl!).

I'm sure that mine all have names, but the first thing I do when I get a new camera is to turn off the sound . . . . so they can't tell me what they are (maybe I should turn the sound back on for a day or so?)