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May 13, 2013
Initially I thought to write a tale with Geardalf the grey wizard, ISO vallies, pixel mountains etc, but my imagination failed me. So I I’d thought to stick to what has happened.

Many months ago, when the forum was still named SeriousCompacts, I decided to be no longer Seriously Compact. The IQ of full-frame cameras lured me into a camera adventure. I waited for Photokina to make a decision about the camera. I compared D810, D750 and Df. Initially I thought about trading in the Fuji set. The offer was ridiculously low but the thing that kept me from selling the Fuji set was that it felt like a divorce (which is a ridiculous comparison because I don’t know the feeling as I am still married to my first wife). After 10.000 shots I got emotionally attached to the controls, the build quality, and the size and weight.

So I thought to be smart and use the Fuji X-T1 with the primes (14-23-27-50) and the Nikon D810 with the 58mm bokeh lens, the 200mm macro lens and the tamron 150-600mm lens. Completed with a R1C1 flash set for closeup photography. I traded in the 18-55 and the 55-200.

When I got home, I started playing with the camera. I was so impressed by the focus-speed. The viewfinder was great, the LCD screen was great and the single shot I took with the 58mm lens looked promising. However,,,,,,within half an hour my hand got tired. And everything looked so different. Within an hour I asked myself “what the heck am I doing”?

The next morning I went back to the dealer, who was kind enough to take the entire set back. I left with the 10-24 zoomlens (surprisingly light and manageable!) as well as a preordered X100T.

Best of all, the dealer told me that the upcoming 140-400mm Fuji lens will be surprisingly small and manageable as well.

So here I am: back again. Seriously compact again and hopefully relaxed enough to enter the lounge, knowing that when the Df calls me, I can stay.

These are my first shots with the 10-24mm lens, all at 1/15 second handheld and ISO6400. Nothing special but it was a good opportunity to play with the wider angle and OIS.

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Nov 12, 2010
You're always welcome here Peter, and I'm sure you would've been with the Nikon kit even before the site officially became gear-agnostic! Cool about the 10-24, I love super wide angle!

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