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We've been in the sun for a while and still it shows, so time for an evening in the picture box.

Almost alone in the pool.
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EPL30878.jpg di alfrjw, su Flickr

Over there, ready for the fish
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EPL30932.jpg di alfrjw, su Flickr

On the road to Kandy, stop for the market
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EPL30971.jpg di alfrjw, su Flickr

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EPL30977.jpg di alfrjw, su Flickr

But before, after a a day in the sun, heading indoors
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EPL30952.jpg di alfrjw, su Flickr

Not so cold after all.


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Ah well, you have your pictures to keep you going, Alf. (I'm realizing myself that I don't do too well in the dark overcast days of winter when it's really cold out...)

I'm going to be dropping you a line or reviving your "iPad on the couch" thread about your photo work flow I finally bought one. Meanwhile, I look forward to seeing more of your travels and am going to use my imagination to dive into that beautiful pool with those intriguing "lifeguards".:biggrin:

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