Canon Thinking about what's next -- carry two cameras?


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Oct 17, 2010
Dallas, TX
Kristen is very right. In the end it is about images, the cameras are but tools.
Fun ones but still tools.
BTW today I carry my E-PL2 and the 14-150mm ;)


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Aug 15, 2011
South Australia
My always on me camera is actually my iPhone, then it's the other two if I plan on going to actually take photos somewhere. I did just get the Nikon aw100 for snapshots while out walking :)


Sep 12, 2011
Dublin ,Ireland
Sometimes you need to carry a couple of cameras -as they will do different things , I usually carry my ricoh (digital with 28mm lens ) and leica minilux ( film with 35mm lens)-if i carry a DSLR i dont bring anything else !

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