ThinkTank Retrospective 20 v2.0


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As I mentioned in one of the GAS threads, I am a bagaholic. There, I have admitted it, so now I can move on.

The TT Retrospective 20 v2.0 is superb. I really like the material, it feels durable and well put together but at the same time the colour is quite subtle. There are no markings outside the bag to say what it is (though the whole non-camera camera bag thing falls apart once you pull an X-T3 and 100-400 lens out) and it is expandable (especially at the front).

Gear wise, it is a tall bag so easily swallows the Fuji X-T3 with 100-400 mounted (but hood reversed) whilst still having space to each side for more gear (I can easily fit a 16/1.4 and 56/1.2 plus Godox TT350F). There is an expanding front pocket which would take a camera body or any other similar sized accessories (such as flash). There are some internal pockets - one with a zip that will hold a passport and some that take batteries etc. There is a leash to attach keys or anything else, plus a rain cover. There is a compartment for a small laptop (12" max I think) or a tablet. The bag has a zipped flap to cover the equipment area, which is a pain to zip up, but would offer better protection when travelling. There is a folding drinks holder/lens changer on one side, which is a really neat feature and there is an attachment loop at each end to add a small case or lens pouch.

Up to now, my main shoulder bag has been a cheap canvas bag with an insert. The Retro 20 is exactly the same size but has much better padding and organisation. The strap is very well padded, and really helps when the bag is loaded with any reasonable amount of gear.

I'm looking forward to getting out and about a bit more with this bag and I am really liking how well it is put together.


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I wasn't familiar with this bag before, thanks for the write-up. :)

For shoulder bags like this, how do they stand up when doing activities like bike riding? Being a hobbyist I've usually just used a backpack for stuffing everything into carefully transporting gear but they're not exactly ideal for times when you want quick access to your stuff, or at least being more discrete about it.


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Thanks for the thoughts, guys. I didn't mean to direct this into a 'shoulder vs. sling' conversation; I try to read all of the write-ups like this and take away a bit of knowledge from them as best I can.

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