Third Party EN-EL25 Batteries for Nikon Z50 and Z fc


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So, been looking off months for batteries for the Nikon Z fc. Cannot seem to find any anywhere. OEM or third party has been a strike out. Asked Nikon when they may have some in stock and they could not say. All batteries they have are designated for the cameras they are selling.

I did check a ways back and there were some on Amazon from a company called Kastar. Investigation leads me to pass on them as there are a lot of reports about those brand of battery swelling after minimal use.

Just out of pure curiosity, I check out Amazon today and find another company, reytric.
After investigating them, I look at the other batteries and it appears that they get good reviews.

$80 after discounts, and I have 2 more EN-EL25 batteries and a dual charger in my possession. That’s $40 per battery. Not too bad if they are half way decent.
The OEM battery lasts a good, long time, but I always hate going out for a shooting session without a backup battery.

They appear solid and well made.
Not a fan of the supplied charger. It can be a little tricky to get the battery seated into one of the slots. I do like the LCD indicator and the use of USB-C as the power port.

After charging the batteries, checked them in the Z fc, which has the newest firmware. No issues. Powered on no error indicators. Some people on other forums have reported Nikon cameras with newer firmware are balking at non-OEM batteries.
Will be using the camera today, so will start looking at the power consumption. My experience with third party batteries is that they are usually adequate but often have only about 80% of the capacity of the OEM counterparts.

Now, I can have more confidence in going out and shooting all day and not have the fear of depleting the battery. I also won't have to carry a second camera with me either to mitigate the risk.

Amazon link for anyone interested:

I noticed that the price just increased.