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Expired This could be a discrete camera bag...

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This is a Timbuk2 Freestyle small bag that could be a discrete camera bag if some additional padding were added (insert etc). It has a padded slip for an iPad or small netbook. The bag measures 12.8x8.85x5.12 inches
and is quite strong. More on Amazon under Timbuk2 Freestyle iPad/ipad2 messenger. The bag is new, never used. Perhaps it will fit your style! $30 including paypal and shipping to an address within the states. Will not ship outside CONUS. PM me if interested! Paul


Just wanted to throw in my two pence.

I have one of these and it is a great compact bag for Mu43 and compacts. I use the Timbuk2 insert in it... it is the XS size found here: Snoop Camera Insert - Timbuk2 Bags. For $59.00 (the price of the new with tags bag in this thread at 30.00 plus the $29.00 for the XS insert) plus a little shipping you have a wonderful, very low profile bag. The bag itself is lined with waterproof TPU, so it literally can standup to a downpour and everything will be fine. The insert is adjustable, zippers shut and lifts out easily for storage and for liberating the bag for other tasks.

I use it walking around New Haven CT. Sixth most dangerous city in the US. Does not look like I am carrying thousands of dollars in camera gear, it looks like a book bag. This was why I bought it in the first place. Works a treat.

Your mileage may vary.

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