Pentax This could not happen in the good ole days...


Now the bride can check up on the photos during the shoot ...:eek:


No it wasn't my camera fortunately!

Pentax K7 and 18-55WR, 400 ISO


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Yikes! That's for sure it couldn't. I'm probably too long in the tooth to have a modern day view of this. Frankly, back in ye ole days of my wedding (1989), I wouldn't have even wanted to think about what the pictures looked like - I wanted to enjoy the "moment". Granted, we had a friend take pictures at our wedding...which turned out to be a mistake, as we ended up with way too many photos of her boyfriend!:eek:

wolfie, all that aside, I do like this picture very much because it shows their intensity...and the groom's care and affection for his bride. :love:

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