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Absolutely. Like the man said, "Ya pays yer money, and ya takes yer choice."

For long reach, I'm willing to sacrifice some IQ for convenience.

Cheers, Jock

Me too, Up to a point. I think I am more inclined these days, to crop from a larger sensor shot, than to be satisfied with one from the tiny sensor (eg P610 which I'll also sell). The FZ1000 is a good compromise, even though its actually bigger, dimensionally, than my K5 or K200D. Its lighter than both.

Tilman Paulin

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Jock, for me the interpretation of your image comparison was maybe slightly different (since my "starting point" is slightly different: I already own m43-gear, but was at times thinking about a bridge-camera)

If we're fine with slightly 'mushy' quality at pixel level on a bridge camera, why not be fine with it on another system too? Meaning: what stops us from applying a 2x or 3x digital zoom on m43, for example? (apart from our own views on "image quality")
I thought the EM5 "held up pretty well" against the superzoom, and I might play more with digital zoom going forwards :)

In the end it's all about picking the gear we're comfortable with and enjoying its benefits as best we can. :)

But to get even close to the amount of reach offered by the HX400V, I would need the OMD EM5 II, plus the Panasonic 100-400, which would give me 200-800, times two, if I am will to use digital zoom, which would result in 400-1600 mm e. I have been tempted by this combo, but I don't know if I could successfully handhold it. (The OMD combo would be nearly three times the weight of the HX400V).

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