Micro 4/3 This is what "hammered" looks like . . .

Jock Elliott

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Troy, NY
Remember this . . . first light from the foul weather camera?

EM1 First snow 004.JPG

This is what hammered by a snowstorm looks like (from this am)

M1 big snow 001-001.JPG

M1 big snow 002-001.JPG

Cheers, Jock
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You're short of snow in Finland, in December? 🤔

Unfortunately that is correct. Helsinki sees a very mid-European climate. The Gulf of Finland as a body of water keeps things warm. A white christmas is not a given around here.

Go 300 km up north, and the story is completely different.

I moved 450 km down south in 2019, expecting some loss of snow but this is a bit unexpected. Now I will move 50 km back up. It might help a bit, snow wise.

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