Canon This is what happens when you don't bring the "big" camera . . .

Jock Elliott

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Troy, NY
The RX10 Mk4 is the "big camera" and the G12 is the little camera -- got it? The Mk4 ticks all the boxes on my great camera list, except small. Small it isn't.

So a lot of times when I'm rattling out the door for an errand, I grab the little camera . . . "just in case."

That's what I did yesterday on the way out the door with the spotter-in-chief to get a slow leak on our Odyssey's right rear tire; I snagged the G12. It's small, light, doesn't get in the way.

We get the leak fixed and head back, taking a short cut through Oakwood Cemetery here in Troy, NY. It's big enough that you can enter the lower entrance in Lansingburgh and pop out the upper entrance on Oakwood Avenue in Troy proper.

We're motoring slowly past one of the ponds and spot a pair of geese and their goslings. I deploy the G12 and trundle the lens out the 140mm (e). Here's the view:

G12 Oakwood gosling 008.JPG

Geese . . . what geese? Goslings?

Bring out the old magic cropper and . . . ta da!

G12 Oakwood gosling 008-001.JPG

I am impressed at how well this 9 year old camera does.

Cheers, Jock

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