This morning


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Wake up, see the sun, jump on the train, there we are.

Florence in the sun is almost friendly and pleasant, and the islands of beauty shine for everyone to see.
They sit, having seen the Duomo for the first time, resting.

Done! di alfrjw, su Flickr

Then, a moment in a rare camera shop to see the 12mm and PL3 in the flesh.

Döppler di alfrjw, su Flickr

Again, a walk in the sun, some time in a bookshop and my train home.

No, you listen! di alfrjw, su Flickr


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Alf, another nice short story but you failed to tell us if you bought the camera and lens.
I still don't know what's best to do.
While processing the Raj pictures, I found a lot of instances where timing was tight and I missed the moment - and this pushes towards a faster camera in both focusing and operation. The PL3 feels faster (including with my 20mm) and the E-PM1 also is nice. I even looked at the J1 (the guy only had one, having sold ALL V1s and the other J1s) but I fear for IQ.
Logic should push me towards another lens, instead of a camera, but the 12mm feels great when handled, not so much in looking at the pics, and for 700€ it's not going to happen. Maybe my money would be better spent on a 14 Lumix + 45 Oly?

All said, I must make up my mind on what I want first.